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Gentle, Compassionate Care

We offer a variety of children’s dentistry services designed to promote healthy teeth and gums in infants, toddlers, and older children. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing gentle and compassionate care and creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for your child’s dental visit.

Whether your kids need early orthodontics services, tooth extractions, restorative treatment, or other services, we can help. Dr. Crichton and her team are passionate about keeping your children’s smiles healthy.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and allow us to be a part of your child’s dental journey.

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The Bloom Orthodontics Experience

When you visit our clinic with your children, you’ll be greeted by our enthusiastic staff and our fun ocean-themed office, ready to make your child’s first dental appointment positive and memorable. Early dentist visits can familiarize your child with our dental office and help them feel more comfortable.

We recommend you visit us every 6 months unless otherwise recommended by our dental professionals.

What to Expect During the Exam

During the exam, our team will look for signs of decay and assess your child’s bite. We will also inspect the soft tissues of your child’s mouth, including their gums, tongue, and cheeks. 

If your kids are old enough and need X-rays, we will walk them through the process to capture all the details of their smiles. We will also discuss your child’s medical history, including any genetic disorders or medical issues we should be aware of prior to the exam. 

Our team prioritizes your comfort and understanding so you can rest easy knowing your children’s dental health is in good hands.

Our Children’s Dental Services

Early orthodontic evaluations and screenings for children starting from age 4 years old and up can help identify any potential orthodontic issues and sleep disordered breathing issues such as snoring, mouth breathing, and bed wetting.

Early Orthodontics

Early orthodontic evaluations and screenings for children between the ages of 7 and 9 can help identify any potential orthodontic issues. During a screening, our team will evaluate your child’s teeth and jaw to determine if dental braces are necessary and how they can benefit your child’s oral health.

We also offer orofacial myology as an early interceptive treatment option.

Learn more by visiting our orthodontics service page.

Tooth extractions can be a necessary step in maintaining your child’s oral health. The most common reasons for needing to remove a tooth can be issues such as tooth decay, pediatric gum disease, severe crowding, or hanging baby teeth which do not naturally shed from the gum line.

Our goal is to promote oral health and prevent further complications, helping your child achieve and maintain a healthy smile.

We know your children love their candy and snacks, but that can also lead to issues like cavities and tooth decay. Our team assesses your kids for cavities and signs of tooth decay through consistent dental exams.

We offer a range of restorative treatment services to help repair and restore damaged teeth.

In addition, we offer sealants, a protective coating applied to teeth, to help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Our team understands that a trip to the dentist isn’t always something your kids are looking forward to. That’s why we offer sedation options to help your children feel more comfortable and at ease during their appointments.

Sedation dentistry can be offered in different forms, including:

  • Oral medications in tablet or liquid form
  • Nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas)
  • Deeper methods of sedation used during dental surgeries

Most children undergoing procedures may not require sedation—however, our team is experienced and ready to walk your kids through the process positively and enthusiastically.

A pulpotomy is a common dental procedure that involves removing the damaged or infected pulp from the crown of a tooth while preserving the healthy pulp in the root canals. After the pulp has been removed, your child’s tooth will often require a stainless steel crown to protect it from further damage.

Our team will also walk you through proper maintenance for stainless steel crowns so your kids can enjoy a healthy smile.

Airway Dentistry for Children

Children are still developing their airways at a young age, and any issues with jaw alignment, tongue posture, or nasal congestion can significantly impact their ability to breathe and sleep comfortably.

Identifying the signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing is important for your kids’ overall growth and development and well being.

The signs and symptoms can include but are not limited to: mouth breathing, snoring, loud breathing, pause during breathing, ADHD or behavioral issues, bed wetting, enlarged tonsils, difficulty breathing through the nose, teeth grinding, tongue ties and crowding of the teeth.

Dr. Crichton and her team are passionate in identifying and addressing these issues early on, we can help monitor that your child’s airway develops properly, resulting in better breathing, improved sleep, and a healthier smile.

A Welcoming Experience

We understand that visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for children. That’s why we strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for your child’s dental visit. 

Our team uses child-friendly language, gentle techniques, and personalized care to help your kids feel safe and at ease during their appointment. Contact us to schedule your children’s next dentist appointment today.

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