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How Does Solea Laser Dentistry Work?

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If your child gets an upset stomach, cries, or gets scared before their dental appointment, they may be experiencing dental anxiety, and they’re not alone. Technology is developing to help make dentistry more comfortable for children and adults. One type of technology is the Solea laser.

Solea is a CO2 laser that produces a narrow beam of light energy that acts as an alternative to the needle, drill, and scalpel used in common dental procedures. It’s common for people to feel anxious about their dental appointments, but the Solea laser is a powerful technology that can make time in the dentist’s chair shorter and more comfortable.

What Is Solea Laser Dentistry?

Solea laser dentistry is a dental technology that uses a specialized laser to perform many different dental treatments. Unlike traditional methods that use drilling and other mechanical devices, the Solea laser uses light energy to precisely target the specific area for treatment.

Solea Laser Dentistry & Types of Dental Treatments

Solea laser can be used on hard and soft tissue to perform a variety of dental procedures, including:

This makes it a versatile and effective tool for a wide range of dental issues.

Why Is the Solea Laser Helpful?

The Solea laser can be incredibly helpful in alleviating anxiety by providing a different and more positive dental experience.

Most traditional dental procedures are associated with discomfort, freezing, blood, and sometimes multiple appointments. Because the laser is gentle and precise, dental work with the Solea laser can often be completed quickly without the unsettling sound of a drill.

Benefits of Solea Laser Dentistry

One of the most significant advantages of Solea Dental Laser is its ability to perform a wide range of dental treatments with precision. This means that your child’s dentist can provide a more efficient experience. Additionally, the Solea laser is considered to be quite comfortable, sometimes eliminating the need for anesthesia or numbing agents. This especially benefits children who fear needles or other traditional dental tools.

In addition to helping kids who are scared of dental work, the Solea laser provides several other benefits, including:

  • Reduced bleeding
  • Less swelling and discomfort following procedures
  • Free from the needle and drill
  • Less time in the dentist’s chair
  • Decreased reliance on numbing and anesthetic for some procedures

Is Solea Laser Dentistry Safe for Children?

The technology behind the Solea laser is considered safe and offers a level of accuracy and precision that can reduce the risk of injury or damage during treatment. If you’re concerned about the safety of Solea laser dentistry, be sure to speak with your dentist.

Preparing Your Child for the Dentist

You can help prepare your child before their dentist appointment so they know what to expect. Their dentist can talk to them about the process and explain how the laser works. If your child has questions, their dentist can take the time to address them and put their mind at ease.

To make your child’s dentist appointment more positive, you can try:

  • Planning a (non-sugary) treat for after their appointment
  • Bringing a comfort item
  • Giving them positive encouragement
  • Playing pretend dentist at home

Encouraging your child to practice deep breathing exercises during the procedure can also help reduce anxiety and discomfort.

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Start Your Child’s Oral Health Journey Early

Oral health care is important whether your child still has their primary teeth, or their permanent teeth are growing in. If cavities or dental problems develop, we can offer the Solea laser to help you child remain calm and comfortable during cavity fillings and more complex procedures.

If your child needs a dental procedure, schedule an appointment with Bloom Orthodontics to determine whether Solea laser dentistry is right for them. With Solea Laser Dentistry, your child can receive quality dental care safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

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